Technical Services


Technical Sales & Services in Middle East & Africa.

Taj Al Mulook will be providing the latest technology & technical requirements for the industries in Middle east & Africa, With our associated partners we are able to provide specialized & best quality products & services.

We manufacture and supply Smart Edge devices along with Connectivity, Communication, Software Analytics, Dashboard and reports in order to provide an end-to-end solution to our customers. Industrial Data Enabler (IDE) vEdge, compact in size with better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and new OTA firmware upgrade technology, install on any machine within seconds with a magnetic base. It gives immediate feedback through visual fault detecting indicators and remotely monitors any critical mechanical rotating equipment to mirror notifications and provide real-time diagnostic insights.

Infinite Up Time

Key Benefits

  • Compact in size with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • OTA (Over The Air) remote firmware upgrade technology
  • Install on any machine within seconds with the magnetic base
  • Immediate feedback through visual fault detecting indicators (LED)
  • Edge Processing for real-time machine vibration data
  • Spectrum generation on-demand, at every alarm, and multiple times per day
  • Local RS485 - Modbus RTU communication
  • PLC/DCS integration
  • User-configurable defect diagnostics
  • Improved productivity & reduced maintenance schedule
  • 24x7 monitoring

Infinite Up Time

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VibroSystM is a one of a kind supplier of measuring and monitoring systems for hydroelectric, turboelectric, mines and large motors turbine-generator sets. No other instrumentation manufacturer offers such a broad range of solutions designed specifically for hydro, turbo or motor machinery.

condition monitoring for turbo machines

Complete online machine condition monitoring for turbo machines :

  • End Winding Vibration
  • Relative Vibration
  • Stator Bar Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Current
  • Partial Discharge
  • Stray Flux

Complete online machine condition monitoring for hydro machines :

  • Temperature
  • Air Gap
  • Relative Vibration
  • Absolute Vibration
  • Partial Discharge
  • Magnetic Field
  • Turbine Clearance
condition monitoring for hydro machines

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CORAL is a belief that has usurped a new dimension in the rewinding and reengineering business. Marked by the courage to stretch that extra mile, CORAL has grown to be identified as an able, dependable and trusted partner for many domestic and international business houses.

Coral rewinding





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Coral Coil USA has extensive know-how and expertise in the electrical rotating machine business, both technically and businesswise. We have over 20 year’s experience dealing with global leading companies handling well-known insulation materials and top of the line application equipment, such as impregnation units using VPI, Insulation taping machines and coil and bar shaping machines, among others.

Coral rewinding

Coils, Bars, Poles, Winding Materials

CORE lines, featuring also “step-lap” technology, are designed and built to cut and stack cores used in the production of transformers. Thanks to their flexibility, these lines can produce a wide range of transformer cores, minimizing set-up times. CORE lines can be configured to different levels of automatism, depending on the selected machines

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We are one of the leading system integrators in the industries, pioneer in the device to digital world integration regardless of system or vendor or manufacturer. Our customized software, hardware and controller meet the current requirements in IoT, system integration, assets, facility management and energy sectors. Our company focuses on the Internet of Things, system integration , consultancy ,Energy Analysis and Management , cloud-enabled smart devices. We have highly qualified engineers in building automation systems ,electrical, electro-mechanical , information technology and our partner in the world to provide high quality products and services to our customers.

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Petrolabs India Private Ltd, in association with Spectro Scientific USA introduces our fast growing company. We supply oil, fuel and fluid analysis instruments to the Indian industry and military.

Spectro Scientific’s extensive product offerings include spectrometers for wear metal analysis, lubricant degradation and contamination analyzers, particle analysis instruments and complete turnkey systems for oil or fuel analysis laboratories, all managed by its SpectroTrack software platform.



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Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Motor, Generator, Transformer testing Services

Life Assessment Services:

  • On‐Line Motor Testing ( MOTOCARE™)
  • Off‐Line Motor Testing (MOTOCARE™)
  • Generator Testing (GENCARE™)
  • Cable Testing (CABLECARE™)
  • Transformers Testing ( TRANSCARE™)

It can predict practically any electrical or mechanical fault well in advance, Sample faults include:

  • Rotor bar degradation
  • Stator core damage
  • Inter‐turn insulation degradation
  • Ground insulation degradation
  • Air‐gap variations
  • Excessive harmonics
  • Loose connections
  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Foundation problems
  • Resonance
  • Bearing problems
  • Bent shafts
  • Loose windings
  • Driven load problems
  • Excessive clearances, etc..

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ZMK Technologies GmbH is a Germany-based industry-leading designer and supplier of highly specialized valves solutions for petrochemical plants and refineries. The company offers services from consultation, engineering and manufacturing of valves all to way to installation, commissioning and maintenance.

ZMK Technologies GmbH
ZMK Technologies GmbH

Founded in 2014, ZMK Technologies GmbH headquarters in Düren, western Germany. The company specializes in double disc gate valves for ethylene production, double wedge valves for propylene production and valve solutions for steam crackers. With the help of 40 highly skilled and experienced employees, the company exports its products to over 30 countries.

ZMK Technologies GmbH

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Pipeline Monitoring

The oil & gas industry is currently facing serious challenges in assuring accident free operation of pipelines and associated infrastructure. To help meet the challenge of a zero incident target, the oil & gas industry must improve its technologies and ability to monitor their systems for safety in real time – permanently and distributed along the length of the pipeline network. Fiber optic pipeline monitoring and security products are designed to provide an automated, real-time pipeline monitoring solution for prevention and corrective control of the most undesirable and dangerous events that can occur to pipelines, such as leaks and third party interference (TPI).
These systems are designed to protect oil/gas/liquid pipelines and utility right of way corridors against TPI, including illegal tapping and unauthorized excavation, by providing an early warning of these TPI activities – it is a preventative solution. The ability to detect small leaks is a further advantage offered by fiber optics.

fiber optic security and support

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Fiber optic PIDS offer the most advanced security systems available for the detection of intrusion attempts. They require no power in the field, have very high detection rates (>95%), low false alarm rates (<5%), protect perimeters up to 50km in length with a single controller, and can locate intrusion within 50-100m in a zoned system and ±10m in a locating system.


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Transmission line Maintenance tools :

  • On-load tightening / replacement of Nut-bolts of various Clamps & Connectors on Strain type Poles.
  • Live Line replacement of Pin & Disc Insulators.
  • Full load repairs of Conductors using Sleeves and strengthening /replacement of mid-span joints etc. for all Voltage levels.
  • Live Line Maintenance of various types of cross-arms & its supports, extension parts, “C” clamps etc.
  • Replacement / installation of Lightening Arrestors on various types of pole.
  • Replacement / repairs / strengthening of jumpers over Strain poles.
  • Live Line Cleaning of Pin & Disc types Insulators.
  • Live Line Tree Trimming along with LT/HT Lines

Transmission line Maintenance tools
Transmission line Maintenance tools

terex Corporation

MACOGA are leading manufacturers of Hi-tech Metallic Expansion Joints(As Per EJMA & ASME) & Rubber Expansion Joints (As Per FSA).

Engineered Expansion Joints

We are approved suppliers to Refining, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, District Cooling, Desalination, Steel, Aluminium, Power, Water treatment, Heat Exchanger/Pressure vessel Industries & Process licensors.

MACOGA undertakes design, engineering, manufacturing new joints, installations, repairs, surveys, inspections, refurbishment of expansion joints with upgraded safety measures. Some of our customers in KSA are:-Saudi Aramco, SWCC, SEC, MARAFIQ, SABIC, SADARA, TASNEE, SIPCHEM & FARABI PETROCHEMICALS.

Engineered Expansion Joints


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Services Offered

  • Rewinding of High Voltage Motors/Generators
  • Installation & commissioning of End-Winding Vibration, Partial Discharge & Stray Flux for Generators
  • Vibration Monitoring - Data Collection and Analyzing/Reporting
  • Predictive Maintenance Annual Contract
  • Proactive Reliability Maintenance (PRM)
  • Streamlined Reliability Centered Maintenance (SRCM)
  • Laser Alignment , Thermography Services
  • In-Situ Balancing - Blowers, Fans, Impellers
  • Online/Transient Vibrate Monitoring Services
  • Technical man power supply for projects
  • Premium & regular Certified Work Wear for all industries (Coveralls, Shirts, Trousers, Jackets)
  • Energy Audit Consultancy
  • System Integration Consultancy
  • Chiller HVAC Optimization ECM Development
  • Coating is a revolutionary solution for energy saving and improving the performance of the assets
  • Remote Diagnostic Centre